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Kitten rescue in Macpherson

Acting on a tip-off via facebook, this White kitten was spotting hiding in a drainage beside a coffee shop in Macpherson.  Informant claimed there was a conversation of a plan to drive this kitten away by scalding it with hot water.  A conversation with the shop assistant revealed nothing sinister.  After two visits, a simple plan was hatched to trap this cat by luring it into a carrier with food.

After seeking permission from the coffee shop, a carrier was placed near the drainage.  After some waiting, with a quick dash, the kitten was safely trapped.  The kitten struggled & hissed out of fear.    Upon reaching home, it was given a good bath.  A first adoption attempt failed .  A second adoption attempt was successful as a result of goodwill of several friends & uncanny coincidence.   Before this, a foster was contacted by her friend, who worked near the coffee shop, to rescue this kitten after an unsuccessful attempt to do so.   When I reached out to an animal welfare friend for help, she reverted me to the above foster.  This foster already had a good potential adopter on her list.   Every thing went smoothly.   My gratitude to Lynn, Lynn Lauren, Haliza & Fareena for their help.  A big thank you to the adopter of the White kitty.

Poor kitty.  Struggled & stepped onto the cat food inside the carrier.

White kitty struggled inside the carrier.

White kitty struggled inside the carrier.

A clean & calm kitty.  My friend said I was a winner for bathing it immediately upon reaching home without letting it to calm down.  I owed my friend a vegetarian Laksa.



The coffee shop where the kitty was found.  Thanks to the shop assistant for allowing me to trap this kitty.  Thanks to Lynn Lauren for the photo.


Coffee shop