Sterilisation exercise at Blk 301-A, Anchorvale Drive.

Thanks to Madam Rachel, Auntie Janet, Ah Tee & Rebbecca for their kind assistance.  Altogether 4 cats, 3 males & 1 female, are trapped, neutered and release on the 13th & 15th of August respectively.


What to do in cases of animal abuse?

Thanks to Dawn for allowing me to re-post her article over here.

What to do in cases of animal abuse?

Cat sterilisation exercise at Bright Hill Temple old folks home

24th June 2010 – Although the old folks home is closed for good, a group of cats are found inside the compound.   With the help of Madam Rohaina, three cats – two males & one females – are trapped, sterilised and returned to the compound.  It proves difficult to trap the felines from outside of the gate.  An appeal is sent to the management for the next trapping exercise to be carried out within the compound.  Thanks to Auntie Janet and Madam Rachel for their support.

Cat sterilisation

Cat sterilisation

More photos in this link.

Local animal shelter: Urgent appeal for help

An animal shelter is in danger of closing down.  Many animals are in danger of being homeless.   Please click link.   Thank you.

Humane way to control the population of pigeons.


SOS: 13 kittens on St. John island will be killed if they are not rehomed asap.

Kittens on St. John island.

Kittens on St. John island.

SOS: 13 kittens on St. John island will be killed if they are not rehomed asap.  Contact


A feeder is needed for the cats at Bishan prawn pond.

Hello all,

The cats over at Bishan prawn pond is not cared for nor are fed.  However, a kind lady name Esther read my S.O.S. on another blog and responded.  She is willing to sponsor some cat food.  However, due to miscommunication,  we’re unable to enlist the help from one of the workers at the prawn pond.  If you know anyone who can help, please email me.  Please help to spread the words.  Thank you.

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